January and February mean short days, long nights and cooler weather, which means your kids are stuck indoors for greater periods of time. This can often lead to boredom for both kids and their parents. And while mother nature will tease you with some nice days, we are still weeks away from shorts and flip-flops.

We know just how you feel when you get struck by the winter blues. Your kids feel the same way as well. So we have compiled a list of things you can do that should brighten your day. Kid Scholars, your preschool in Sugar Land, offers ways to beat the winter blues.

Indoor Picnic

There are no rules that state you must have picnics outdoors in the summer. Throw a blanket down, pack a basket full of sandwiches and other goodies and have a picnic in the living room or kitchen.

You can even make a small sandbox and pretend you are on the beach.

Start a Band

All you need are a few pots and pans, a rubber band guitar and a recorder or harmonica and you can start a band. You can choose a topic and help the children write a song. Then set up your smartphone to make a video of your musical concert and send it to family members or post it to social media. The kids will love it.

Tell Jokes

There is a reason why videos of baby animals doing funny stuff and dancing goats are so fun, it’s because they make us laugh. When you shift the focus from the winter blues to something funny, you brighten their day.

You can find jokes on the internet to tell your kids or find a funny book you can read to them. Children who laugh often are relaxed and resilient.

Create a Playlist

Music has a huge impact on you and your kid’s mental state. Simply put, music has a way of getting into your soul.

Create a playlist of songs that you and your kids love. Once you have made the list, get those songs on a mixed CD or in the music app that you use. Make the experience real by playing the music through loud speakers. You can even pretend you are at a concert.


It can feel impossible to get an adequate amount of exercise when you can’t go outside. Break out that yoga CD and do the downward dog with the kids, they will love it.

Push the furniture out of the way and jump rope, have crab walk races and make an obstacle course. These are all fun and great ways to exercise.

Seek the Sun

A good dose of sunlight will do wonders to shake the winter blues. All you need to do is find an area of the house where the sun is shining in through a window and have the kids gather around it. Natural light will brighten everybody’s mood.

If you have kids and are searching for a daycare facility, give Kid Scholars Academy a call.