Preschools don’t look like places that need to be taken seriously. If you think about it, the activities that occur at any preschool can also be done easily at home. This is one reason why there are parents out there who don’t understand the importance of preschool.

There are also parents who think their child is too young to benefit from a structured learning environment.

We agree, your child is a wee tyke, but a high-quality preschool is designed to set up your young scholar for future emotional, academic and social success. Preschool provides a foundation for learning both academically and socially that will help your child succeed in elementary school and far beyond.

Kid Scholars Academy, your preschool in Sugar Land, offers important reasons your child should attend preschool.

Encourage Curiosity

Teachers at preschools use a child’s own interests and ideas to create activities that foster curiosity. If you think about it, opportunities pop up every day that can be used as learning points. For example, finding a butterfly or other type of insect on the playground is exciting and a perfect opportunity to learn something.

Make Choices

Your child will have many choices to make while they attend preschool. They get to make choices concerning which activities they want to engage in and who they want to play with. A child who wanders aimlessly will be encouraged to do something that is of interest to them.

Promoting Social and Emotional Development

A child learns better in an environment where they feel safe and secure. Children thrive in an environment where there is consistency.

Young children learn emotional control and social skills in “real time” through experiences and teaching moments that occur in preschool. But teachers don’t automatically step in to resolve conflicts. They have a keen sense of when to let a child work out a problem on their own and when to intervene.

Teaching Creativity

In preschool, your child has an almost unlimited combination of activities to engage in. All too often, children fall back to doing the same thing every day at home, playing with the same toys and watching the same videos.
At preschool, they don’t spend all day playing with the same toy or watching the same video. They are encouraged to do new and different things. For example, they might be handed clay and asked to sculpt their favorite animal.

Learning Teamwork

At home, many children suffer from a lack of cooperation. A single child will often develop a sense of entitlement. And this should be of some cause for concern.

Even if a child has a sibling, the variety of interaction is often limited. But in preschool, there are children of all temperaments present. And your child has to learn how to communicate and deal with all of them. This is a critical part of mental development that is difficult to learn at home.

Build Self-Confidence

As your child progresses through preschool, they will develop habits that bring them closer to their true temperament. This is a phase of self-discovery that builds self-confidence and allows your child to take on the world as they grow up.

Our future leaders deserve the very best. For more information about the importance of early learning centers, give Kid Scholars Academy a call.