Pets and kids go together very well, like peanut butter and jelly, Batman and Robin and milk and cookies.

Pets have so much to offer families, and they do so all while providing love, joy and a lifetime of wonderful memories. If you think back to your childhood, there is a good chance you have fond memories of pets you grew up with.

Pets are a pleasure to have, but they can also teach our children a thing or two about some important aspects of life. Kid Scholars Academy, your preschool in Sugar Land, offers some of the potential benefits you can expect should you decide to get a pet for the children.

Healthy Living Habits

In order to properly take care of pets, children learn that they need to feed them healthy food every day and make sure they get plenty of exercise. And by being involved with these aspects of pet care, children are learning about healthy living habits.

When children take the dog for a walk, for example, they are getting just as much exercise as the dog.

Leadership Skills

When a child tells the dog to “sit” and rewards him with a treat, they are practicing leadership. This helps children gain confidence in their abilities and gain a sense of authority.


This is a big benefit. Caring for a cat or a dog is a great way to learn all about responsibility. Just remember not to expect too much right away. Pets are difficult to take care of when you are young, so don’t overwhelm children with too many responsibilities.

A Sense of Self

A dog or a cat is a companion to a child who will be there all hours of the day and night sometimes. A good pet will be rewarded by having the child pet it and be affectionate with it. In return, the pet will send a similar message in return to the child and companionship is formed.

Behavioral Awareness

Children are quick to learn pet behavior and see how pets reacted under different treatment. For example, scolding a dog will result in the tail between the legs.

Coping With Loss

The lifespan of a dog or cat is considerably shorter than our lifespan. And even though it is never a pleasant thought, children who have to deal with the loss of a pet learn how to deal with the pain and sadness.

Unconditional Love

Dogs are really good at teaching children what unconditional love is all about. A dog will love you no matter how much money you make, what type of car you drive, the clothes you wear or what kind of day you had at work.

None of that matters to a dog, they just love you for who you are and that never changes.


A pet’s loyalty towards its owner is unmatched. In turn, children learn the importance of being loyal and devoted to good friends.

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