Kid Scholars Academy’s infant room teachers takes joy in holding and cuddling the infants. You will find our teachers with them to encourage their mental and physical development. Teachers work with each child in a series of stimulating activities that incorporate the natural routines of feeding and play. The teacher reinforces the babies’ development without disrupting their daily schedule.

Your child will learn to grasp toys, vocalize sounds, recognize pictures of familiar objects and acquire a variety of other skills.

Language & Literacy 

Babies begin to understand sounds and words as our teachers constantly speak, read and sing to them. Throughout the day you will see our teachers

communicating with your child in order for him/her to develop language and literacy skills.


KSA teachers help infants understand spatial relationships by experimenting with actions and reactions. Spatial relationships refer to children’s understanding of how objects and people move in relation to each other. In infancy, children use their senses to observe and receive information about objects and people in their

environment. They can see and follow people and objects with their eyes.


Teachers nurture and encourage infants’ developing sense of self. Infants start to develop relationships with the people around them right from birth. Our Loving Teachers help babies to learn to communicate, share, and interact with others through daily activities that will promote social- emotional development.

Creative Expression

Infants learn to create and respond to sounds and are exposed to an array of colors, shapes and textures. Our Teachers support infants creativity throug

h nurturing and responsive relationships. With this type of care, infants feel safe to explore their environments freely and use their imaginations. They learn to trust that their caregivers will value and accept the ways they express themselves and experiment with their new ideas.

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