You can study hard and get good grades, this will help make you a good preschool teacher. But there are other characteristics you need to become a great preschool teacher. For example, showing enthusiasm for your students’ education needs to come from the heart.

Teaching preschool is a rewarding and satisfying profession. But it can be a challenge at times as well. Preschool teachers serve many roles, some require essential qualities to succeed. Kid Scholars Academy, your daycare in Sugar Land, offers important qualities of an outstanding preschool teacher.


Preschool teachers need to keep their teaching style unpredictable and lively. Teachers should bring new and fresh perspectives to lessons by associating them with personal experiences.


Great preschool teachers are dedicated to the students as much as they are dedicated to their careers. You must be determined to stand up for your beliefs on behalf of your students’ needs and your educational values.

Excellent teachers are dedicated to the love of learning and they inspire students to learn more. Making a classroom a place where learning is fun will resonate with students for the rest of their lives.


No matter how planned out each lesson is, great preschool teachers know and understand that the unexpected can happen. You must remain flexible and deal with change. This can be something as simple as changing plans because it starts raining to adjusting your entire curriculum due to a reduced budget.

The very nature of teaching young children requires dealing with minor issues and constantly fine-tuning. In staying flexible, any challenge can be dealt with poise and grace.

Communication Skills

Children are sponges, but they are also new to the learning process. A great teacher must find a way to communicate effectively with learners on their level. This means the ability to break complex subjects into easily digestible pieces.


Great teachers are innovative and are able to think on their own when facing a challenge. Teaching in an innovative manner helps engage students.


Great preschool teachers have plenty of patience. Preschool classes are full of students with different developmental skills. You must constantly remind students to use their manners and practice good hygiene. From behavioral challenges to slow learners, it takes a whole lot of patience to keep your classroom in good balance and in good order.


To be a great preschool teacher, you must have a burning passion to make a difference in these young people’s lives. There will be days when you are exhausted and teaching feels super difficult. But even if you have to speak with an ungrateful parent or deal with a screaming kid, you must never become overwhelmed. The passion will carry through the rough times.


Great preschool teachers bring life to their classrooms by engaging their students in fun and interesting activities. The atmosphere a great teacher creates has students feeling like they can take part in any discussion.


Great teachers remain organized with their teaching materials and aids.

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