April showers bring May flowers. This is great, except for having to deal with days where it rains all day. Sometimes it is hard to keep up with new ideas to keep young children busy on rainy days.

Being stuck inside because of the weather can really be a downer for children. Instead of being bored or just watching television all day, rainy days offer the perfect opportunity for fun and learning.

Kid Scholars Academy, your daycare center in Sugar Land, offers rainy day activities for children.

Cook Together

As long as you and the kids are stuck indoors all day, you might as well spend the time making a family-favorite recipe. Cooking is fun when you have little assistants to help you out. Not only will helping you cook make your children feel useful and proud, but they also have a blast doing it and it is a great learning experience.

Dance Party

Kids have seemingly endless energy, help them spend some of it by throwing a dance party. Dancing around the house will burn pent-up energy and get exercise all at once.

Make sure you have a good mix of music from different genres. Kids love all types of music and there is a lot to learn while you listen to everything from pop music to rock to country-western.

Blanket Fort

Everything you do inside a blanket fort is just that much more fun. You and the kids can stay busy for hours reading under a flashlight, coloring or telling stories.

Treasure Hunt

Keep your children occupied on a rainy day with a treasure hunt. Make a set of rules for each child with clues that lead to more clues until the treasure is found. This is a game in which every child is a winner.

Get Artsy

Arts and crafts are something all kids enjoy. Letting your children create something new to hang on the refrigerator will keep them focused on a rainy day and it also offers a sense of accomplishment.

Movie Day

While dancing, cooking and art projects are all fun, sometimes the perfect rainy day activity is watching a good movie. There is nothing better than cuddling up with the children and eating popcorn while watching a movie that the whole family will enjoy.

Hide and Seek

It is a simple game, but it is still relevant today because kids love playing it. Use the entire house for your game of hide and seek and get creative with the rules.

Read a Book

Cuddle up on the couch and read a good book with your kids. You can read it out loud to keep the children better focused.

Play in the Rain

Get your rain gear and go outside and play in the puddles. Kids love to play in the rain and there are plenty of things you can do. For example, you can draw pictures in the mud with sticks or carve a river in the garden and make a dam.

Don’t let rainy days dampen your child’s spirit. Call Kid Scholars Academy for more information about our preschool.