Your Daycare Center in Sugar Land Offers Tips to Entertain Your Toddler

It is a common problem faced by nearly all parents of toddlers. You need to go run errands, but your toddler is fussy and making the trip stressful and unproductive. Whether you are at the grocery store or department store, a bored child translates into a child who becomes restless and grumpy and any little conflict can escalate into disruptive misbehavior.

And when this does happen, it’s so stressful that it ruins even your most well thought out plans for the day. You can avoid this aggravation by finding ways to keep your child entertained while they wait for you to finish your tasks.

Kid Scholars Academy, your daycare center in Sugar Land, offers these tips to entertain your toddler while you run errands.

Let Them Help

If you get your child involved in the grocery shopping or other errands you are running, they will be more bearable. Have them hold the grocery list and place items in the cart. You can even have them help you push the cart if it will make them happy and keep them busy.

Make It A Learning Experience

If you keep your child’s mind busy, there is less of a chance they will start getting fussy or throw a tantrum. If you are in the grocery store, talk about which foods are healthy choices or have older children help you find great deals. The shopping may take longer, but it is well worth it.


This certainly isn’t a favorite method, but it might work if all else fails. When things get tough, it helps if you have something with you that you can offer them. This reward might just be enough to get you through your errand without any major infractions.

If it all works out, your child learns about good behavior and rewards. If it doesn’t work out, your child learns about consequence.

Keep Calm and Shop On

It might be tough to do, but you are better off keeping your cool while your child is losing theirs. You should know that your child will feed on the fact you are visibly upset and things will go downhill from there.

When your child starts acting up while you are in the bakery section of your grocery store, close your eyes and think about the glass of wine you will be sipping while soaking in the tub after your child’s bedtime.

Technology To The Rescue

Lucky for you, you live in the age of technology. There are a great number of devices that you can bring along to hand over to your child to keep them occupied. At the very least, you have your smartphone that should have at least a few downloaded apps that appeal to toddlers. When you get your smartphone back, it might be sticky and slobbery, but it will be well worth it.

A well-prepared parent might have an inexpensive tablet loaded with apps and games for their child to use while they are running errands.

You could also enroll your toddler in preschool or daycare at Kid Scholars Academy, this way you can run errands child free. Give us a call today.