It’s December 27, time to seriously consider a few new year resolutions. And while resolving to lose weight, eat better and get more exercise is quite noble, perhaps you could also make a few resolutions concerning your family.

Individual resolutions are easy to give up on because they are only about you. But when you make resolutions that involve the family, there is accountability there and you work harder to reach your goals.

Kid Scholars Academy, your daycare center in Sugar Land, offers these parenting resolutions you should try.

Get Unplugged

You would probably agree that we all spend too much time engaged with some sort of electronic device. If we aren’t on our smartphones or tablets, then we are playing video games. You probably can’t remember the last time the entire family spent unplugged. Probably never.

We understand that in this day and age, electronics are going to be the norm, a part of life as it were. That doesn’t mean you can’t spend a few hours a week unplugged. We are talking about the whole family doing something together without the distractions of televisions, computers and other gadgets.

Driving Under the Influence of Your Phone

Over half of teens have reported seeing their parents checking and/or using their mobile devices while driving. This is not what you want to be remembered for. When your kids are old enough to drive, will you want them on their phone while they are behind the wheel?

Then you need to stop doing it yourself.

Breathe More, Yell Less

You might be a patient parent, but not all of us are. And if you occasionally yell at your kids, you are not alone. Do a Google search on how to stop yelling at your kids and there are plenty of ideas that will help.

Put the Phone Down

Parenting is a tough job and you really want to take a break and see what is going on in Facebook land and Instagram. But in five or 10 years, your kids are going to have their faces buried in a smartphone and you are going to hate it. So we are guessing that is how your kids feel if you are always on your phone.

Play More

The time you spend with your children is important. But it is really important that you get on your hands and knees and play with them, in a real sense. Even if it is only for 10 or 15 minutes, they deserve your undivided attention.


How ever long you read to your kids right now, resolve to double that next year. When was the last time you took your kids to the public library so they can pick out books? Those buildings still do exist, so take advantage of them this coming year.

Do Chores

You should set up a schedule and divvy up household responsibilities to everyone. Assigning chores and helping one another out is a great family exercise.

We ingrain in every student the values that you embody as a parent and encourage them to use these skills in their everyday interactions. Kid Scholars Academy is where brilliance begins. Give us a call.