1. Your Preschool in Sugar Land and Indoor Activities

    October is all about Halloween. November brings us Thanksgiving. December is Christmas with all of its glory. There is a whole lot going on in the winter. Your children probably spend too much time inside sipping hot chocolate and watching Peanuts holiday specials. That is to be expected as the weat…Read More

  2. Your Daycare in Sugar Land and Healthy Children

    Winter is here and, unfortunately, so is the flu and cold season. Winter should be a time for hot chocolate, puzzles, Peanuts holiday cartoons and couch forts, not sniffles, sneezes, germs, infection and illness. Children are especially prone to illness, so you need to take the necessary steps to ke…Read More

  3. Your Daycare in Sugar Land and Poisonings

    In 2017, it was reported that 52,000 children under the age of six were treated at emergency rooms for poisoning. That is a pretty scary number and one that probably has you a bit concerned. Accidental ingestion of a toxic substance occurs for many reasons. For example, poisonings occur because pack…Read More

  4. Your Daycare in Sugar Land and The First Day of Kindergarten

    The first day of kindergarten is marked by adorable photos, texts to family and friends with crying emojis and children afraid to go. On the first day of kindergarten, you aren't sure who is more nervous, you are your child. Starting school can be a stressful time and you have to be prepared for tre…Read More

  5. Your Day Care Center in Sugar Land and Playing Outdoors

    From organized team sports to a friendly neighborhood game of hide and seek, there are several benefits that come from children playing outside. On average, American children spend four to seven minutes a day in unstructured outdoor play compared to seven hours or more in the house in front of a scr…Read More

  6. Your Preschool in Sugar Land and Back-To-School Sales

    It’s the last week of July. If you turn on the television or scroll social media, it becomes quite clear that we are in the midst of back-to-school shopping. The summer is short and in a matter of a few weeks, your kids will be back at school. Back-to-school has become its own shopping season, alm…Read More

  7. Your Preschool in Sugar Land and Staying Cool

    Stepping outside in the middle of a heatwave, you might wonder if you are actually outdoors or still in your bathroom with the shower spraying hot water and the door closed. You are sweating within minutes of stepping out and it isn’t even the hottest part of the day. When it gets hot outside, esp…Read More

  8. Your Daycare Center in Sugar Land and Temper Tantrums

    You are probably already aware of this, but toddlers tend to throw tantrums. They do so when you tell them they aren’t allowed to have something or when you tell them to do something they don’t want to do. Most parents wish they were invisible when their child starts throwing a tantrum in a publ…Read More

  9. Your Preschool in Sugar Land and Fine Motor Skills

    The coordination between small muscles, like the ones in your hands, and your eyes is referred to as fine motor skills. Fine motor skills enable such functions as grasping small items, writing and buttoning your shirt. Fine motor skills involve fine motor control, strength and dexterity. Children de…Read More

  10. Your Daycare in Sugar Land and Babyproofing Your Home

    Nothing is cuter than a baby. And nothing is more curious than a baby. The world can be a dangerous place for a baby on the move, and so can your house. Before your little tyke takes to crawling all over the place, you need to babyproof your home. Your little explorer is super curious and will want …Read More