1. Tips From Your Preschool in Sugar Land

    Starting preschool is a big step for any child. Parents can play an essential role in preparing their little one for their new and exciting experience. Preschool is a big adjustment for children and their parents. It is the simple things you do that can help make this transition smooth for the entir…Read More

  2. Your Sugar Land Preschool and Fall Activities

    You can feel it in the air. The days are definitely getting shorter, the days aren't as hot as they were and there is a noticeable crispness in the morning air. Look at the trees, they are a telling sign that summer is coming to an end and fall is on the way. Fall weather invites your family to be a…Read More

  3. Your Daycare in Sugar Land Offers the Benefits of Outdoor Play

    From playing on laptops and iPads to watching a lot of television, children seem to be spending more and more time indoors being inactive. This increase in the number of children spending more time indoors has lead to a lot of studies. What these studies are discovering is the negative impact stayin…Read More

  4. Our Sugar Land Preschool Prepares Children for Kindergarten

    Children are excited about starting kindergarten. They are also a little afraid as well. After all, starting school means a change in routine as well as being away from familiar surroundings for a long period of time. It also means following new rules and following directions from other, unfamiliar …Read More

  5. Tips to make dropping off your child easier

    Daycare Sugar Land and Tips to Make Dropping off Your Child Easier

    If your toddler is heading to Kid Scholars Academy daycare in Sugar Land, you might be a little apprehensive about how your child will handle it. You might even wonder how well you are going to handle it. No doubt you will be going through a bit of separation anxiety yourself. It's totally normal to…Read More

  6. Your Daycare in Sugar Land Offers Spring Outdoor Activities

    You probably love planning spring outdoor activities for your preschooler just as much as we do. Once the blossoms start appearing on trees and bulbs poke from the ground, we all know it is time to plan for some springtime activities. Kid Scholars Academy, everything but your typical daycare in Suga…Read More

  7. Reasons to Enroll Your Child In Our Preschool in Sugar Land

    When you think of preschool, you might envision a structured environment that you feel your child is too small to be placed in. After all, children that young should be spending their days playing, not being exposed to letters, shapes and numbers, that come later when they enroll in kindergarten. Yo…Read More