The mission of Kid Scholars Academy is simple – we want your child to excel in every possible way. We provide a nurturing approach to learning so they can develop socially, emotionally, physically, and academically without restriction. We ingrain in every student the values that you embody as a parent and encourage them to use these skills in their everyday interactions.

We provide an open environment for learning by employing concrete as well as abstract concepts to give every child the opportunity to learn and develop in a way that expands their mind. Your child will learn from their teachers as well as from their peers as we have adopted student-guided activities into our curriculum to promote confidence, self-esteem, and leadership. Through this independent learning experience, your child will reach new heights, rise above the bar, and excel in every way possible, so they grow into a productive adult.


At Kid Scholars Academy in Sugar Land, we are steadfast in our approach to learning. Our preschool employs diverse techniques to give your student an

education that incorporates the tools of tomorrow, today. We engage minds and promote a desire to learn within each student. We help them strive for academic excellence and to be a leader in their school and community as well as in your home.

We have made it our priority to give our students every opportunity to learn in the way that is best for their growing minds. From teacher guided studies to peer interaction, your child will thrive in the environment that is best for them feeling safe, secure, and comfortable to express themselves and be the individual that they are.

With a healthy balance of learning and fun, our students are able to achieve more, learn more, and be ready for whatever life has to hand them. We make your child the focus of learning by extending education outside the boundaries of the classroom so your child can develop their own abilities and seek out the knowledge they need to grow into a successful adult. We know it all starts here, at Kid Scholars Academy, and we are committed to making it happen for each and every student that walks through our doors.